"You're braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think" A.A. Milne
• Do you want to feel more fulfilled?


• Do you want to make effective changes in your lifestyle?


• Do you want to maximise your chances of success?


• Do you want to have more meaningful relationships?

If so, coaching can help you move forward faster.

Personal coaching provides you with the time to reflect on things that matter to you most, uncover meaningful priorities and look at possible new options.

My Personal Coaching sessions will:

• Explore the areas of your life you want to change (e.g. work/life balance, relationships, fitness and health), help you understand why and in what way
• Review the options that are available to you
• Determine the goals you want to achieve in a particular area and identify the steps required to get you there
• Help you overcome any barriers that may get in your way of achieving your goals
• Increase your self-awareness so you get to know yourself better and feel more confident


My one-to-one coaching packages are tailored to your needs and can be carried out face to face (in Leeds), over Skype or on the phone.


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